SYKP CEC: US once again fuels the fire of conflict in Jerusalem


US President Donald Trump described Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel” and announced that the US Embassy in Tel Aviv will be moved to Jerusalem. With this move, the US has already thrown a powder barrel ready to explode into the Middle East, which is already an area of war and conflict.

This decision on Jerusalem, one of the most sensitive nerve endings of hundreds of years of tension between the peoples of the Middle East, makes no sense other than creating a new conflict among the Muslim, Jewish and Christian peoples and maintaining war, poverty and destruction.

Since the US realized that ISIS, which the US commissioned as the core of its Greater Middle East dream, fulfilled its duty in the region, it is apparent that now the US wants to create new conflicts among the peoples of the Middle East on a new axis.

Leaving Jerusalem, which does not have any other chance than people of the three religions and the peoples of Israel and Palestine living in peace and equality, to the mercy and initiative of Zionism is declaration of a new war and conflict.

Obviously, with this move, the US aims to expand the tension on the Arab-Israeli and Muslim-Jewish/Christian axis and make the peoples of the region dependent to the US by undermining the possibilities for a common life in the region.

The steps the US has taken so far to reduce the influence of Iran and Russia in the region and to keep the Middle East under control through collaborative governments have not led to any development apart from blood and tears. This move will not produce any results other than new conflicts and tensions.

The struggle for hegemony, energy, market and power between the US-led Atlantic Block and the Asiatic Block led by Russia, China and Iran makes the peoples of the world, but especially the peoples of the Middle East, pay the price.

The pro-war block in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which extends the mandate for war every year, seems to grieve for Jerusalem but they are far from convincing. The “One Minute” case, the Mavi Marmara incident, the “Normalizing Agreement” with Israel signed by the AKP government in 2016 and the agreement signed last summer for marketing the Palestinian natural gas stolen by Israel to Europe via Turkey are the most clear and brutal examples of this ongoing hypocritical attitude.

Erdogan, the AKP government and their stooges are the biggest supporters of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Those who claim today that US’ declaration of Jerusalem as the capital is a move against “regional peace” are the ones who do not allow the peoples and beliefs in the region to live in peace within the framework of equal rights. It is mildly hypocritical, incoherent and aims to covering up their crimes.

In Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and all over the Middle East the primary condition of peace is the overthrow of reactionary, dictatorial powers and the imperial powers keeping their hands off the region. No other force can achieve this other than the united struggle of the peoples of the Middle East

USA and all imperialist powers, get out of the Middle East!

Damn imperialism, damn Zionism. Long live equal, free and fair unity of the peoples!

Socialist Reconstruction Party (SYKP)
Central Executive Committee (8 December 2017)